Macca Digital

Who are Macca Digital?

Macca Digital LTD is a UK based digital provision company. What does that mean? Good question. It’s difficult to sum up the vast array of things we can offer in just a few words. Think about the world of ‘online’ and all the things that exist there. We make those things. Think about posters and booklets. We make those things too. Think about the little electrical boxes that make things happen. We fix, support and install those.

We’re what the industry likes to call ‘turn key’. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen for you. Need an awesome website? No problem. We can build it, take all the high-quality photos, put together a video, write all the copy and then build you all the social media outlets that you really need.

Realise you need some flyers and banners to hand out at an event, we’ve got you covered from design to print, delivering you the final product ready to go. Need help understanding social media or putting together your marketing plan? We’re here for you.

Being able to offer so much means we can really integrate our work within your brand. Gone are the days of having to explain what you do to 10 different companies.

Things we do

Website design
You tell us your objectives and we build you an awesome, easy to use website. Simple.
Your site will be built using the latest content management systems putting you firmly in control of your own assets. That dark art SEO thing you keep hearing about? We’ll sort it and explain it in simple terms so you know how to rock Google. Need new imagery? We can do that too.

IT support and consultancy
From single user, to multi-site corporate networks, we not only spec and build the infrastructure, we also provide round the clock, 24/7 support for our clients. Using industry approved and qualified engineers, we help our clients with simple things like ‘my mouse isn’t working’, right up to building complete, new, networks both on-site and in the cloud.

With over 15 years experience, we rock at photography. We can take photos of anything, at any time, anywhere – and we really mean that. From creative, professional portraits and cool images of your pets, to free fall photography at over 120 mph from an aircraft, or even as we jump from a building, there really is no limit to what we can do for you.

We use professional grade equipment to ensure the photos we take for you are absolutely top notch. Not only that, but it means they can be used in the most demanding environment, be it Facebook or a billboard.

Need some new head shots? No problem. Photos of your new shop? We’re on it. Awards ceremony? The suit is already packed and ready to go.

It seems that everyone can take videos now, but is that level of quality what you really want representing your business? We’ve produced video work for demanding clients like the Discovery Channel, Google and the Smithsonian Channel. Filming in extreme environments is our speciality, but we’re equally awesome at corporate video work or producing product showcases.

We have a good stock library of skydiving, BASE jumping and wingsuit footage. Contact us with your requirements.

Social Media Management
Everyone knows your business needs to be on Facebook. You’ve probably been told you need to be on Twitter as well. Maybe Instagram? MySpace? Ok, not the last one, but if you’re not familiar with the numerous platforms, how do you know which ones are right for you and how you best use them to get the biggest return.

We can help with that. We live and breathe social and have helped many brands make those important first connections. We can set you up, give you the strategy and even do the doing for you. Whatever level of input you need, we can help.

Need something saying, but aren’t happy doing it yourself? Let us help. We can provide experienced voiceover artists to make your script come alive. Don’t have a script? No problem, we can write that for you too. Maybe you need a voice for your new advert. Maybe it’s for a warm greeting on your company’s phone system. Perhaps you need a voiceover for your latest product video. Maybe you just want a professional sounding voicemail for your mobile. We’ll record it using professional recording equipment and email you the right kind of sound file for your needs.

Copywriting and subbing
Got an idea for a new advert, but not sure how to put it in to words? Need some text for your website? We can do the writing for you drawing on our many years of experience writing for radio, print and online.

Maybe English isn’t your natural tongue, but you want to target an English speaking market? Send us what you have and we’ll re-write so it makes sense. Maybe you’ve already got some copy, but don’t think it has enough oomph. Not a problem, we’ll take what you have and turn it in to the lyrical equivalent of a black-belt text based ninja.

Print Design
We heart design. From a simple flyer, through to a series of adverts or even a super-dooper brochure. We can handle everything from the concept through to the final printed product, using our industry experience throughout to ensure you get the best product possible at the best price possible.

Need photos for your printed product? We do that too.

Marketing Consultancy
A wise executive at Coca-Cola once said “If we suffered a catastrophic factory failure one day and couldn’t make Coke, we’d survive. If everyone on the planet woke up one morning and completely forgot everything they knew about Coke, our business would collapse instantly”. Pretty sobering stuff, especially if you like Coke.

Getting your marketing right really is important for your business, no matter what the size. From placing the right adverts, to having the right presence on Facebook and even the way you deal with customers on a day-to-day basis can be the difference between success and failure.

We can help you with all aspects of marketing your business. Strategic planning, brand creation and the production of corporate brand guidelines, marketing literature and customer relationship and data management. We can advise and do, because we have and done.